Welcome to my website!

Here we have My Youtube Videos, flipnotes, a chat page, and most of all, Games!

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fun stuff I've been doing lately:

Sorry about the slow development, I am working on a lite version of my site you download. It will work on file:// domains which only works with some games. Progress is going well, and It will be done soon. It will be fully unblockable. I will give a zip file of it once I am done. More main site updates coming soon!

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  • changelog:

    3/15/23 - Version 19.1: nintendo switch support!

    2/24/23 - Version 19.0: NEW GAMES ADDED: Angry Birds, 0v0 2, little alchemy, and drive mad

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  • https://3kh0.github.io
  • https://libreddit.domain.glass

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    By the way, credit to https://boredht.ml and mesa.rip for some code, and 3kh0 for being epic!

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