Note: This changelog isn't perfect because I don't have a lot of the old files, also if there's no date or version, it's been lost. Also, a lot of the older ones are old messages from my discord, or the really old ones were from google hangouts. I still need to fill in a few gaps tho

11/2/23 - Version 19.61: small optimizations in code and I added Oregon Trail

6/24/23 - Version 19.6: Made the games tab's recommended area scroll seperately from the rest of the page! it looks so awesome!

6/10/23 - Version 19.5: Updated Cookie Clicker, Optimized site, and just a lot of little things.

3/15/23 - Version 19.1: nintendo switch support!

2/24/23 - Version 19.0: NEW GAMES ADDED: Angry Birds, 0v0 2, little alchemy, and drive mad

2/19/23 - Version 18.1: small backend fixes. Just some small code optimizations. That's all. Sorry about no new games being added in over a month, or maybe a bit more. I just need a bit of a break, as I have gotten burnt out. be back in march. I have been working on lite mode, haven't forgot about it, don't worry.

1/21/23 - Version 18.0: chat page update: I made a new chat page with whitebone, and it saves chat history! also, there is now a toggleable sidebar of recommended games on the games tab.

oops, lost 17.0

12/22/22 - Version 16.0: I added a bunch of games, including monkeytype light, I am adding better Legacy Browser support, and I added wii u and 3ds support.

12/7/22 - Version 15.5(the mobile update): Added This is the only level 2 and 3 and added blueball's cool adventure. Also I am now in the 3kh0 github.

12/4/22 - Version 15.0(the mobile update): Added some games, and I am slowly adding mobible support. my site will redirect to mobile versions if you are on a tablet or a phone.

11/24/22 - Version 14.0(the thanksgiving update): Added more Papa's Pizzaria games and learn to fly 2 (IT ACTUALLY WORKS THOUGH, BECAUSE IT IS ON WAFLASH!!!) Also added motox3m 2 and 3, I added one screen runner , basket and ball, color switch.

11/12/22 - Version 12.0: Better categorized games, and found a few too, like fruit ninja -bone guy dude

11/3/22: Version 11.0: I redid the whole games tab! Please check it out, as I spent way too long on it.

10/21/22: Version 10.0: I finally added Run 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I added, and I added blob omlette. Also, on some games, I made the area around them look nicer. Working on doing it for all of them rn. So sorry if updates here happen less, but you might see some small, yet nice fixes

9/25/22: version 9.1: Added a Minecraft category, changed the title for the Eaglercraft and precision client tab (both are Minecraft 1.5.2 if ur dumb, precision is multiplayer, eagler is singleplayer) Added the normal menu thing where u fullscreen or something like that to Eaglercraft, changed link from precisionclient to MinecraftMP, and also added the 9.0 changelog to here... wait why am I adding me editing the changelog to the changelog... ok i give up -hackerman bone (Whitebone was here.)

9/24/22: version 9.0: 9/24/22: version 9.0: ADDED MINECRAFT 1.5 AND SUBWAY SURFERS!


6/19/22: version 7.0: Added Jump3Match, headbutt, and fixed some games not working. Also this update I have been focusing on trying to fix speed issues.

6/15/22: version 6.9: (the nice update): updated cookie clicker.

5/23/22: version 6.8:added sonic 2

5/15/22: version 6.7: Fnf agoti mod now has so much, I had to make a github version because it kept overloading my site. I also added normal mode charts to some of the custom songs(github version only, my site can't take any more)

5/14/22: version 6.6: Circle The Cat added. and changed the name for the Flash game player. (Whitebone was here.)

5/6/22:version 6.5: agoti mod now has more bonus songs.

5/6/22:version 6.4: More fnf mods and more coming soon

5/3/22:version 6.3: More stuff to the entity mod, jump king added, and a slash's favorites category

4/30/22: version 6.2: Agoti mod is almost done, more fixes

4/28/22: version 6.1: Agoti mod is actually recognizable, with minimal bugs

4/25/22: version 6.0: new fnf mods and AGOTI MOD!!!!

4/20/22: version 5.3: the slash flash logo now should appear on every page! There is also a new banner on the main page! (sorry no new games, working on improving visuals)

4/18/22: I've decided to save my page in My site on

4/18/22: version 5.2: subtle fixes and changelog added

4/18/22: version 5.1: a few new html games and super mario 64 web edition!

4/17/22: version 5.0: A TON OF HTML GAMES!

4/14/22-4/16/22: version 4.2-4.5: new flash games, and dark mode! I sadly though had to get rid of the collapse all tab.

04/13/22: version 4.0-4.1: NEW CLUB PENGUIN GAMES, FLASH GAMES, AND HTML GAMES! Sadly though, disney shut down club penguin rewritten .-. (I also fixed most lag issues and added a mobile version to my site)

04/6/22: My site's been having lag issues, I'll try to fix them

04/01/2022: I've joined the dev team for!

sometime between 03/28/22-4/6/22: Version 3.0 is released! Now there are fnf mods, and windows 98 swordslasher. I also added navigation buttons!

03/28/22 (later in the day): MY ENTIRE WEBSITE GOT CORRUPTED! YOU'RE HORRIBLE CPANEL!(my website's host)

03/28/22: Version 2.0 Of my site is released! Added Fnf (Finally), and a few more games! I also added a collapse all button! check it out!

03/12/22: Version 1.0 Of my site is released! There's now a new homepage! (The old one can still be found in the more tab), it's crazy how much this has changed since when I started the site!

12/20/2021-3/12/22: slowly added games, took a bit of a break during the end of this time. Also made a crappy flash game myself

12/20/2021: I just got the domain instead of github version!

sometime before 12/20/21: I moved the games tab to games/index.html instead of my-photoshop.html

between 10/30/21-12/20/21: added more games (this time isn't documented well)

10/30/21: I've officially added the clone's games to my old website! let me know if there are any bugs!

10/30/21: turns out, my old computer's hard drive somehow only corrupted some things! my website is almost fully untouched!

10/30/21: welp, turns out 000webhost shut down my website. My old computer's hard drive is corrupted, so there's no way I'm getting my old site back

10/28/21: I want to add the games to my old website:!

10/13/21: I added some html games for the first time! I think it went pretty well

10/12/21: I added some new flash games for the first time! I think it went pretty well

10/10/21: I removed some broken flash games! Now it's easier to find ones that work!

10/9/21: I've decided to make my own version of! I want to put on new games, and remove ones that don't work

10/7/21: I found a new games website that is open source:! I'm going to play around with the code and see what I can do!

the time between 2019-2021: The point in time where I pretty much forgot about website designing/was too lazy

sometime in 2019: I'm done the basics for my website, I'll still make updates, but now the official version is out on!

sometime in 2018-2019: My website is going well, and I've decided to make it a promotional webite for my youtube channel, and fun photoshop projects. No, I won't add games probably, they would be pain to add.

sometime in 2018-2019: I've decided to start taking lessons for website design!

congrats for maybe reading all of my changelog. For reward, I will give you the full version of my 2019 website