Retro Shooter Cyberpunk Tank Game: Battlezone + Blade Runner 2049 + Synthwave

The goal of Synth Blast is to complete as many levels as possible as quickly as possible. Levels are policed by malevolent tanks that home in on your position.

SYNTH BLAST is inspired by the first-person, futuristic tank shooter games of the 80's and early 90's as well as classic synthesizer music. The neon colors, the Miami nights, the music, the trees lining the road, the infinite road trip into the sunset that extends all through the night... What's not to love about the 80's?

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Synth*Blast: Soundtrack

Synth*Blast soundtrack: The hit retro sound of swirling, driving synthesizers and ethereal vocals. Songs about love, alienation, longing and the expanse of eternity.