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Here we have My Youtube Videos, flipnotes, a chat page, and most of all, Games!

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fun stuff I've been doing lately:

I just finished Kirby and the Forgotten land! It was an amazing game!

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  • changelog:

    9/25/22: version 9.1: So I'm leaving 9.0 changelog here for now cause it added Minecraft which was amazingm but here's the 9.1 : - Added a Minecraft category - Changed the title for the Eaglercraft and precision client tab (both are Minecraft 1.5.2 if ur dumb, precision is multiplayer, eagler is singleplayer) - Added the normal menu thing where u fullscreen or something like that to Eaglercraft, - changed link from precisionclient to MinecraftMP, -hackerman bone (Whitebone was here.)

    9/24/22: version 9.0: ADDED MINECRAFT 1.5 AND SUBWAY SURFERS!

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  • Btw, The home page is still under construction

    By the way, credit to https://boredht.ml for some code!

    My chat page:

    calculator so that school can't see it: